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Child Abuse Accusations - False or Real Allegations

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Important: If you may in any way be involved in accusations regarding Child Abuse, you must realize this is often a very serious, life-changing matter that can result in long years in prison, ruined lives, ruined marriages, loss of friends, condemnation by relatives, potential violent or hidden revenge, destroyed families and relationships, high legal and financial costs, inability to find employment, years or lifetime of registration as a sexual offender who may be targeted by anyone.

Not only criminal but civil cases and costs may result from allegations. Even the word of one victim can result in this, even if untrue. The word of a minor may be presumed to be true in a court unless proven untrue. At early stages of a case, interviews, testing and polygraphs may be involved, possibly for everyone involved.

Anything you do or say should be taken very seriously and possibly only after consultation with a lawyer and after much self-education, unless you are the victim of real abuse, in which case you may need to report this to a trusted person who can help. It is important for victims to at least consider attempting some action to report the abuse, even if anonymously, so that the person causing the abuse can at least know there may be repercussions from such behavior and so that the person does not abuse others in the future. Each case is different and only you, perhaps by reading and confiding in a trusted knowledgeable friend may determine your action. But remember, anyone talked to can be called as a witness, except your attorney.

There are organizations and web sites dedicated to helping victims. In a criminal case, there is often an expert assigned by an organization to help a victim and be with them before and at important hearings. A victim who is a minor may be allowed to testify out of the courtroom, by a video tape or link.

Many relatively innocent seeming/sounding behaviors can be interpreted as child abuse or actually be abuse.

Most people do not know the definitions and the law regarding physical or sexual abuse.

This site is dedicated to those who are likely to be involved as the accuser or the accused. If you have any brief question this site does not answer, you may ask us a question. But remember, NOTHING on this site is Legal or profiessional Counseling ADVICE for your specific circumstance, but merely educational and what we might do in such a situation. DO NOT use this information as your primary or sole information for a decision. What we say could be WRONG in your circumstance, state, etc.

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